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5 Things To Check When You’re Touring The House You’re Buying

Buying a house can be a very exciting task. It means you would have to explore different options in the hope of making the best choice, based on your needs. However, it also requires you to understand some important details of house buying. Having a good idea of what to expect in a house would help you make an informed decision, and prevent regrets in the future.

If you do not know much about structural details or architectural intricacies, your attention might be diverted to the surface, fanciful and impractical details. This isn’t wrong, but you wouldn’t be checking the major aspects of the house. Thus, it might be advisable to tour a house-for-sale with an informed friend. Or better still, you can simply read on! Here are five main things to check out when touring a house you intend to buy.

1. The Land:

For most people, most of the attention goes to the building itself. This is important, however, you must pay keen attention to the land where the house sits. The surrounding area, the landscape and external stand of the structure is very important. So, before the tour guide hurries you inside the house to show it off, ensure you insist on checking out the landscape first.

Note if the land is likely to suffer flooding or other possible disasters. Is it a sloping area, and does it have other lived-in buildings around? Check out the driveway too, as well as the fences. A lot of authentic details and warning signs can be gotten even before you start touring the internal spaces.

2. Beyond the surfaces, look at the structure:

Of course, the surface details of a house being toured is always made ready for prospective buyers. The paint job and open spaces are usually designed to impress prospective buyers. However, it is necessary that you take your attention away from the minor details, and assess the structure. You typically wouldn’t find big cracks or gaping holes. But you should check out the smaller cracks, as these could be hiding bigger cracks beneath the paint job.

Having a critical eye in checking out staged furnishings and accessories is important. The fixtures and fittings should also be properly inspected, touched and prodded. It usually takes a good amount of time to inspect properly, but you should take your time, and ask necessary questions. In your tour, ensure your observation also entails checking out for odors or strange smells, beneath the artificial air sprays designed to appeal to your senses.

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3. Don’t forget the roof!

This is also a very vital detail to inspect during your tour. If you overlook this, it would be highly upsetting to discover faults later on. Repairing roofs are quite expensive and also very tiring. It would be really frustrating if you have to replace the roof a few months after your purchase. Therefore, you should know if the roof is old or newly installed, as well as the life expectancy of the roofing materials. The roofing material and shape (whether flat-shaped or sloped roof) should also be noted.

You should inspect the roof from outside to detect if there is a need for a repair. Ensure that the material is made of very durable material, which can withstand the elements for a long period of time.

4. Do not overlook the plumbing:

Of course, when touring the kitchen and bathrooms, your attention must go to the plumbing. Look beneath the glossy countertops and sinks and check out what lies underneath. Check the pipes and fittings, while looking out for leaks, dampness, and other signs. Check out the water pressure too, and see if you’ll have to increase water pressure or fix anything at all. It is always necessary to know what repairs might be needed, and the extent of it, before opting for a particular house.

5. The size of the rooms:

Lastly, you should tour the house knowing the house size you want. Even if the house looks good, you need to inspect the size of the rooms. Knowing that you would still fill up space with furniture and stuff, you should envision how much space would be left when you actually move in. That is, do not get carried away with the expansive empty rooms before thinking of your own main requirements.

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